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Case Studies - Shopping Centre

Garden City Shopping Centre

Precast concrete has played a major part in the redevelopment of the Garden City Shopping Centre at Booragoon.

The shopping centre has undergone major structural alterations, including the addition of 23 speciality shops, a cinema complex, a new car park for the Coles Supermarket and a transit bus station.

Delta precast and prestressed concrete components were chosen for the additions and alterations at Garden City Shopping Centre in one of the largest precast projects ever undertaken in Perth.

Precast was an integral component in major redevelopments such as shopping centres.

Photo 1 It is important to cause the least possible disruption to traders as relocation or closing down can add significant costs to a project. With precast concrete the components can be manufactured offsite while the columns and foundations are being poured and be ready for installation when they are completed.

Precast also offers the ability to span reasonable lengths without interrupting traders with propping and scaffolding. Anything that limits trading disruption is an important cost saving in a retail environment.

Precast was particularly important in the construction of the new Coles car park due to a reduced time frame to ensure there was always a certain number of car bays for the shopping centre.

By incorporating Deltacore floor planks, longer spans could be achieved to create new car bays before closing down another area so that work could continue.

Construction involved two suspended floors, each totalling 28,000mē, plus a car park comprising one suspended floor of 5,000mē. The first suspended floor involved precast prestressed beams spanning 9-10 metres and Deltacore floor panels of similar spans while the precast floor had a concrete topping ranging from 100mm to 250mm thick with heavy loaded areas incorporating post tensioning within the topping.

The second suspended floor was cast in situ and post tensioned in both directions while columns on all levels were also cast in situ. The shopping malls occupy the area between the first and second suspended floors.

Photo 2 Because the project had a very short construction timeframe, to help reduce the lead time the client pre-let the shop drawings before awarding the precast sub-contract for prestressed beams, Deltacore floor panels, stair panels and lift walls. The contract was awarded on February 26, 1999, with a completion date for the structural precast for the entire first level of September 30, 1999, and all fascia panels by mid-November of the same year.

Delta was responsible for the shop detailing of the fascia panels, Coles beams and Deltacore floor panels.

Around 4,500mē of the 150mm thick fascia panels, Coles beams and Deltacore floor panels.

The project comprised 2,481 Deltacore floor planks covering an area of 28, 725mē, 436 prestressed beams up to 9m in length, 302 Deltacore wall panels, 334 fascia panels at an average 13.1mē each, 26 stair walls and 38 lift walls.

Delta floor systems, which include prestressed beams and Deltacore floor planks, are ideal for a wide range of construction requirements and are available in various lengths and thicknesses, which can be easily incorporated into most building systems.

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