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Case Study - Multistorey Residential

Mounts Bay Village

Precast concrete proved a valuable time saver for Perth's new apartment development, Mounts Bay Village.

The total construction time was reduced by more than one week per floor using Delta Corporation's Deltacore floor panels instead of traditional concreting methods.

Deltacore was an important factor in saving approximately a year in construction time.

While speed of construction is the main advantage using precast concrete, there was also a lot less mess to deal with afterwards compared with in situ methods.

Photo 1 Mounts Bay Village has shown that precast concrete is a far more economical way of building a project such as this.

With the final phase due for completion in June, 2001, the three-stage project will include a total of 356 apartments, 21 commercial offices, six sub-penthouses and four penthouses, as well as tennis courts, swimming pools, gymnasiums, car parks, and a restaurant.

When completed, the project will have used more than 2,875 Deltacore floor planks with spans up to 9.5 metres totalling more than 27,000 mē, more than 2,600 external wall panels, plus stair walls, spandrels and columns totally over 19,000 mē.

Cured offsite to strict quality control and design specifications Deltacore floor and precast wall panels are easy to install and can be delivered as required.

Deltacore floor panels also eliminate the need for scaffolding and propping, a major benefit in commercial construction.

Once installed, Deltacore floor panels offer an instant work platform for sub-contractors, who can continue their work without the long wait for poured concrete to cure.

Depending on load requirements, large, clear spans of up to 12 metres can be produced at a lower cost than conventional methods.

The production process not only allows for special shapes, but also for features such as cut-outs, which can be incorporated into the panels during manufacture to enable cables and plumbing services to be fed down the panel cores if required.

Photo 2 Western Australia's most experienced and innovative precast concrete producer, Delta Corporation Limited has been at the forefront of development of the product for more than 30 years. Their 'Total Structural Precast' service not only includes Deltacore flooring, but also precast wall panels, prestressed beams and columns, architectural precast, stairs, balconies and street furniture.

Precast and prestressed concrete components are ideal for a wide range of construction requirements and are available in various lengths and thicknesses, which can be easily incorporated into most building systems.

For all the impressive details on how Delta can help you realise your next imaginative project faster browse the website or contact us.

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