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Case Study - Unit Developments

North Bank - Fremantle

Precast component designs are revolutionising the construction industry.

For the first time, precast stairways are being used in the construction of residential developments, eliminating the time and cost associated with conventional methods.

A recently completed eight unit residential development in Swan Street, Northbank, in Fremantle, is testimonial to the speed and efficiency offered by this radical innovation.

Using 440 square metres of Deltacore 2 course flooring panels incorporating eight precast stairways were installed in just nine hours.

The outstanding benefits of using precast concrete are now becoming more apparent, influencing local builders and architects to choose precast for residential developments.

The builder said, "the speed and versatility of using Deltacore, combined with Delta Corporation's attention to detail, makes precast concrete an important innovation in residential construction."

Precast products such as stairways and flooring are produced at Delta Corporation's state-of-the-art production facilities at Herne Hill, ready for on site delivery as and when required. These customised products are simply installed, avoiding site congestions as well as providing significant reduction in construction time compared to traditional in-situ concrete pours.

Precast floor panels are the most cost-effective method of producing suspended flooring available, produced in 1200mm wide modules with thickness from 150mm to 265mm and clear spans up to 12 metres. They are light, easy to install and eliminate the need for scaffolding and propping, providing an effective working surface capable of taking full construction loads. Workmen can continue on site without long disruptions waiting for concrete to cure.

The Deltacore floor panels are specifically designed to suit two level housing projects and incorporate unique two and three-course slab systems enabling panels to be delivered on-site and installed in one day.

Prior to laying carpet, parquetry, or tiles, the Delta installation team returns to apply a self-levelling screed, to ensure the surface is smooth and flat. The underside of the floor panels are supplied with an off-form finish ensuring they readily accept plaster set or gyprock ceiling lining.

Delta's production process allows for special features such as cut-outs to be incorporated in to the panels during manufacture while electric cables and plumbing pipes can be fed down into hollow panel cores if required. Deltacore floor panels also have an excellent low sound and thermal transmission properties.

The system offers builders and developers the opportunity to introduce greater cost-efficiency, as well as saving time, providing continuity with construction while retaining quality, strength and design specifications.

Delta Corporation, with more than 30 years experience, continues to be Western Australia's foremost precast concrete manufacturer, and has the capability and expertise to satisfy both ends of the construction market - commercial and residential - by offering innovative, yet affordable solutions.

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