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Case Studies - Retaining Walls

Premier Mines, Collie

The new application of a precast concrete wall panel system has recently been used in a state-of-the-art-facility for Western Collieries.

Premier Mines, Collie, used Deltacore wall panels in an innovative, alternative construction technique. This is the first time this system has been used in the mining industry.

The Engineers investigated five options for retaining walls before choosing Deltacore, including reinforced earth steel panels with anchors, strutted walls, sheet piles, and concrete in-situ reinforced walls with anchors.

According to the designer the advantages of using Deltacore, particularly its durability which is crucially important in the mining industry, far outweigh other methods.

The strength of Deltacore lies in its 60 Mpa mix design, resulting in a high strength, hard-wearing, long-lasting product.

The system demonstrates exceptional durability and tolerances capable of carrying the large specified loadings. It also has a greater life expectancy.

Traditionally, materials such as steel, timber or in-situ concrete pours have been used to create these types of retaining walls. In comparison, Deltacore is far more durable, less expensive and time consuming, making it the favourite choice.

By using Deltacore it saved money and time. Deltacore proved 30% cheaper than other alternatives and was erected faster, in three-quarters of a time.

Three hundred and sixty DC 200 Deltacore wall panels, averaging 4500mm in length, were chosen with precast 'T' columns anchored to create a twenty metre high reinforced earth retaining wall.

The sheer size of the walls was necessary to enable the heavy haulage trucks to dump coal into the Rom bin.

The wall panels were readily available and extremely versatile, meeting the demands of the project. One of the major advantages of precast is that it can be produced to strict specifications off-site and delivered when required.

The reputation of precast concrete is spreading throughout Western Australia as developers from a diverse range of industries realise the versatility, efficiency and affordability of utilising precast.

Delta's costing was aggressive compared to conventional methods, and by using this totally Western Australian owned product, we are also investing in jobs for our State.

Delta Corporation, Western Australia's leading precast concrete specialist, has developed a wide range of precast options from its plant at Herne Hill.

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