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Case Study - Multistorey Residential

Saville Park Suites Hotel

One of Perth's newest hotel developments, the Saville Park Suites Hotel, on the corner of Hay Street East and Bennett Street, Perth is one of the biggest single residential accommodation projects using a total precast concrete system in the city.

It comprises more than 140 residential units on seven above ground levels and one basement level, with foyer, restaurant and administration facilities.

Photo 1 The Project Manager considered load bearing brickwork when the original design was for a smaller building. However once the project increased in size he opted for precast concrete to optimise on-site construction times.

With hotel accommodation being at a premium in Perth and the site situated on a busy CBD location, speed, economy and the ability to carry out a major construction project with a minimum of delays was of utmost importance.

And by using a total precast concrete system, the design also led to substantial cost savings by eliminating the need to use external scaffolding and the majority of safety hand railing.

Construction on-site commenced in August, 1995 and reached completion stage three months earlier than the scheduled time using a precast system rather than convential construction methods.

Photo 2 The project involved Delta Corporation in the production of 6,000 square metres of precast external and 4,000 square metres of internal walls, 2,000 square metres of lift and stair walls, 12,000 square metres of Deltacore flooring panels, 2,000 square metres of precast floor planks, 120 balcony units as well as stair flights, columns and beams, at their Herne Hill production plant.

Another major advantage of precast for external walls is its versatility in terms of a maintenance-free finish, colour and texture.

With the Saville Park Suites Hotel construction being total precast, the external walls were given special attention to add to the character and appearance of the building. The walls are finished in a specified sunset beige coloured pre-finish, lightly sand-blasted to provide excellent aesthetics as well as minimising maintenance.

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