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Case Study - Multistorey Residential

Stamford Apartments

Total Structural precast has been a significant factor in the contemporary revival in the construction of inner city living accommodation in Perth.

Encouragement from the State Government and the Perth City Council has seen a growing number of inner city projects emerge, providing either short or long term residential accommodation to those seeking a more cosmopolitan and culturally enriched lifestyle.

Stamford Apartments, located in a heritage precinct close to the city centre, the Swan River and the prestigious East Perth redevelopment area, is one such luxurious inner city living development that has been able to incorporate the unique benefits that precast concrete products can offer to inner city building sites.

Photo 1 The 12-storey luxury apartment tower incorporation a total structural precast system.

The site situated at Goderich Street, East Perth, comprises 36 spacious three-bedroom apartments and four two-level penthouses, as well as two circa 1900 restored and refurbished cottages.

The precast structure of the residential tower consists of Deltacore planks with an in situ topping slab supported on 150 - 200mm thick precast concrete wall panels including a spine wall that separates front and rear units. Structural precast columns were required within some of the wider window openings.

The highly detailed facade to the building posed challenges to both Delta and the design engineers in terms of developing an appropriate panel joint arrangement to suit the structural requirements, maximise repetition and satisfy the site crane capacity.

So competitive was Delta's precast system that the builder chose to redesign the lift/stair core from slip form to precast. Because there was little construction benefit in achieving an early lift installation, the cost saving associated with the change to Delta's system was essential to bring the construction cost within a tight budget.

The precast wall panels were painted in contrasting bands with balustrading, window and door frames powder coated and colourclad spandrels in areas of curtain walling.

Photo 2 The use of precast concrete has continued to expand in the Western Australian building industry with Delta Corporation being the main supplier, offering builders economy in time and cost.

Delta Corporation supplied various components for the project including 400 Deltacore DC200F floor planks up to 10 metres clear spans, 230 various sized external wall panels, some incorporating columns, with a thickness of 150mm, 22 various sized internal wall panels, with a thickness of 160mm: 91 various sized lift and stair walls in various sizes with thicknesses ranging from 160 to 200mm; 50 columns measuring 500mm x 500mm, 44 beams measuring 600mm x 400mm spanning up to 9700mm in length and 36 various sized balcony slabs profiled to suit specific curves.

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