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Marine Structures

Marine structures vary in size from simple piers and jetties to major shipping wharfs.

Precast concrete is an ideal material for these structures due to the following distinct advantages:
  • Components can be made to suit structural capacity.
  • Reduced delays in construction time due to weather and tidal conditions.
  • Factory produced precast can be made to a very rigid specification required for highly corrosive marine conditions.
Delta has the expertise and quality control to satisfy all of these requirements.

Because Perth is located on a major river with direct access to the Indian Ocean, our products have been used in many marine structures in WA including the Success Harbour Marina in Fremantle, the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, CSIRO Research Centre at Trigg and the most recent example, the jetties in the new Barrack Street Square development.

Precast headstocks for the Barrack street jetties in Perth.

High-grade concrete was used for these jetty deck slabs on the Barrack street project.

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