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Delta's ongoing commitment to quality has been demonstrated by the development of a range of precast prestressed products requiring extremely high dimensional accuracy and quality to numerous Government and private projects in the rail system industry throughout the state.

The company has supplied structural components to bus/rail transfer station structures, turnout sleepers for the mining industry and electrification masts for Perth's rail systems. Just some examples of Delta's versatility and ability to produce quality.

A total precast structure to the Warwick and Whitford rail stations incorporating precast columns, beams, floor panels and planters.

Prestressed turnout sleepers requiring high dimensional accuracy for Hamersley rail systems.

Prestressed turnout sleepers in place as part of Hamersley Iron's upgrading programme.

Prestressed concrete masts used in the electrification of the urban rail system.

Prestressed concrete masts on either side of the rail line to the Southern Rail Electrification project.

Similar Masts used for the northern line, but down the centre of the rail system.

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