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Delta has supplied precast components to some of Perth's major sporting grandstands. These totally precast structures include the Prindiville and southern stands at the WACA to the new southern stand at the Subiaco Oval arena. Various precast components were incorporated in these structures including precast columns, beams, seating platts, balustrade units, wall panels, stair flights and Deltacore floor panels.

In addition, Delta has achieved an Australian first by supplying specially designed precast sections for the WACA light towers.

A variety of precast components were incorporated in the southern stand at Subiaco Oval.

Special large structural components such as columns and beams featured in the Subiaco Oval stand.

Corbelled columns to support twin cantilevered beams for the southern stand at the WACA.

Twin beams used in both stands at the WACA.

Seating platts and profiled balustrades typical of the grandstands at the WACA.

Curved precast wall components were used to construct the six light towers at the WACA.

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