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Multistorey Offices

The demand for precast concrete as an alternative to conventional construction has continued to expand into new market areas in Perth. The proportion of projects using precast components is continuing to grow as developers appreciate the cost-effectiveness of the system.

The full benefits of speed, quality and durability of precast has now been well recognised by the building industry with projects such as Central Park, DOLA offices and the ATO offices Cannington, to mention a few, making extensive use of precast.

The Deltacore floor system allows the planks to be incorporated into structures with remarkable speed and efficiency, a major advantage over conventional construction methods.

More than 3000 specially designed precast floor panels were incorporated in the Central Park project.

Spun column shells using an architectural wood grain finish are a feature for the SGIO headquarters.

60,000mē square metres of precast floor panels were incorporated in the Central Park development.

The headquarters of the Department of Land Administration at Midland incorporated more than 19,000 of Deltacore floor panels.

The Australian Taxation Office building in Cannington used more than 200 smooth off-form painted spandrel panels to the atriums and exterior of the building to give the desired overall streamlined effect.

Deltacore wall and floor panels systems - typical of commercial office developments.

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