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Delta has a high volume production capacity capable of manufacturing large amounts of precast components in a short time frame.

This capability maximizes the precast advantage in reducing construction programmes. In addition we have ample storage areas over a fifteen acre site with high capacity cranes and forklifts for handling.

Range of Products

Our range of products include:

  • Architectural Fascia Panels, Spandrels, Columns
  • Structural Precast and Prestressed Beams, Columns, Wall Panels, Lift and Stair Walls
  • Standard Products:
      Deltacore - Floor Planks
      Deltacore -Wall Panels (Plain and architectural)
      Super Tee and Tee Roff Beams
      Bridge 'I' and Deck Beams
      Rail Sleepers and Turnouts
      Electrification Masts
      Seating platts
      Stair Flights
      Retaining Walls
  • Streetscape Products:
      Seats, Litter Bins, Planter Boxes
      Steps, Bollards
      Estate Walls, Piers
      Entry Statement Signs

Overview | Services | Capabilities