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Two Storey

Leading homebuilders are starting to recognise the advantages of using the Deltacore two and three course floor slabs, precast stair flights and balcony units for their two storey home projects.

Many new homes have benefited from Deltacore's simplicity, speed of construction, double the strength of in situ slabs, plus cost savings providing designers with long clear spans, which result in large open floor areas.

With Delta's total floor package and professional service, Deltacore flooring is fast becoming the first choice for many homebuilders.

Deltacore floor slabs are simply and quickly installed without requiring propping.

Deltacore floor slabs are installed within hours, eliminating down time for bricklaying teams.

Precast stair flights complement Deltacore floor systems.

Precast stair flights are readily installed, allowing immediate and safe access.

Precast balconies can be easily incorporated as part of the floor system.

Deltacore wall panels used in an innovative technique.

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Two Storey | Unit Development | Renovations