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Unit Development

The success of the Deltacore flooring system in residential projects can be demonstrated in multi unit developments. Deltacore flooring panels are second to none in speed of installation with examples of 8 - 10 unit projects installed in one single day resulting in construction timesavings of up to five weeks compared with conventional in situ poured slabs.

Further advantages can be gained by the elimination of props, formwork and the reduction of scaffold time, which in turn minimises on-site labour.

A typical example of Deltacore floor panels in a multi-unit development.

Precast stair flights complement the Deltacore floor system providing instant access.

Precast balcony units can also be adapted to complete the flooring system.

Precast concrete walls are increasingly being used for unit developments.

A combination of Deltacore floor panels and wall panels incorporated into a unit development.

Deltacore wall panels featured in the construction of the Joondalup Country Club Resort.

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Two Storey | Unit Development | Renovations